Over the course of playing at Supernatural: Lost and Found, characters can earn XP. This XP can be used to raise skills and buy new languages. It costs 30XP to raise an action skill and 15XP to raise a background skill or add a language.

Earning XP is very easy. The game itself is coded to give each character 1 XP at week. Additionally characters earn XP by participating in scheduled events run by staff, earning enough cookies to appear on the weekly Top Cookie list and by appearing in posted logs posted to the wiki site. So post those logs!

You can learn more about XP on the game by inputting the command +help XP.

You are only allowed to raise one skill every 72 hours. The +xp code won't allow xp spends more frequently than that.

Here at Supernatural: Lost and Found we do allow for the raising of attributes: body, reaction, presence and mind. This cannot be done via the +xp system, but must be done via +request. For a mere 65 XP you can raise these too! Attributes cannot be raised higher than 4 and can only be raised once in a six month period.

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