The human Ruby sold her soul to the demon Astaroth and became a witch. During the Black Plague epidemic in Europe (1348-1350), she died and her soul went to Hell, where she was tortured and eventually became a demon.
The nun Agnes wrote The Book of the Damned, she used her own skin as pages and blood as ink.


The vampire Boris was born around this time.
The witch siblings Tracy Davis and Don Harding were born around this time.
In 1492 Maggie Stark had a one-night stand with Christopher Columbus. She suspected Don Stark had a fling with a female member of the Florentine Medici family.


The Protestant fathers left England, and sailed to America, they became the first white men in America. White colonization began in North America but as soon as the settlers arrive, their governor realized that they lack efficient supplies for a long winter. He returned to England which took him two years, and then another year returning with supplies. When he returned to the colony's camp in 1590, he found it derelict and empty. The only clue to what happened to the Lost Colony was the word Croatoan carved onto a tree. This had become one of the biggest mysteries of American history, and to this day nobody knows what happened to the colony, as no DNA had turn up matching that of the settlers. Common theories suggest that the survivors were infected with the Croatoan Virus and killed each other.


Crowley was born in Scotland as Fergus McLeod in 1661, and taught witchcraft by Rowena, his mother.
Rowena intended to sell Crowley in exchange for three pigs, however dismissed it. Rowena came across a Polish family who helped her out of her poverty. In return, she granted the family's dying son, Oskar, immortality.
Crowley sought out a Crossroads Demon to whom he sold his soul for a longer penis. After a decade, he was killed by a hellhound and his soul taken to Hell. In Hell, Crowley was tortured brutally until he became a demon. He became the right-hand man to Lilith, the first demon. Unlike other demons, Crowley did not want Lucifer freed, since he knew Lucifer views demons as abominations.


In 1723 Crowley's son Gavin MacLeod, after the death of his parents, emigrated to the American Colonies from Scotland, but drowned when his ship sank before the coast of Massachusetts.
In the 1720s Maggie Briggs was hung by Isaiah Pickett for being a witch, but he really did so because she was also carrying his illegitimate child.


The vampire Luther was born around this time.


In 1816 Doc Benton found immortality.


In 1835 Samuel Colt built the Colt[25], a weapon that can kill anything in Creation with the exception of five things, one being the Archangel Lucifer.


Samuel Colt completed the construction of the Devil's Gate in Wyoming some time prior to 1861.
From the year 2011 Sam and Dean traveled back in time to 1861, way before their time, on the hunt of aPhoenix in Sunrise, Wyoming whose ashes can be used to kill Eve, the Mother of All. The Winchesters found a Phoenix, named Elias Finch, and Dean lured him out into combat and killed him with the Colt he borrowed from Samuel Colt, before he was sent back to 2011. Colt collected the ashes and sent them to the future by storing them at a post office which will deliver them to Bobby Singer's house 150 years later.

The American Civil War lasts from 1861 to 1865. During the Battle of Carthage on July 5, 1861, the Battle of Hellhole took place on what later became William Jasper's Farm.
In 1862, the puritanical preacher Jacob Karns murdered 13 prostitutes in a town on the Nine Mile Road, was executed for his crimes, and became a Hookman.
Cain fell in love with the human Colette around the 1860s. Although she forgave him for the evil deeds he did prior to meeting her, she made him promise not to kill anymore. He agreed and retired to live with Colette as a married couple.
In 1863, the Knights of Hell abducted Colette and attempted to persuade Cain to return to being their leader. This tactic proved fatal when Cain killed them instead. When he tracked Colette down, he found herpossessed by Abaddon, who tricked him into killing Colette out of her jealousy of Cain's love for Colette. Cain honored Colette's dying wish for him not to kill anymore, and so Abaddon is spared his revenge, making her the only Knight of Hell who remained alive and active.

The Collins brothers fought on opposite sides of the Civil War. The Confederate Vance Collins was shot and killed by his Union brother, and swore vengeance on him. His body was later chosen as The Unknown Soldier. Around 150 years later his grave was desecrated and he became a Specter.


P.T. Barnum entered the circus business in 1871. Sometime in his twenty-year career until his death in 1891 he employed Charlie as his stage magician, and gave him a grimoire that contained an immortality spell, which Charlie used on himself.


H. H. Holmes was executed for being America's first mass murderer. His spirit would later resurface.
The Merchant family were found slaughtered. Everyone believed the father Isaiah was the murderer, when in fact it was the adopted daughter Melanie who committed the atrocity. Melanie's spirit would return later when the painting of her family was sold.
Dr. Benton abandoned his professional work to gain immortality.



Max Thompson was born on October 2, 1910.
The RMS Titanic sailed from Southampton, England, to embark on its maiden voyage. The angel Balthazararrived in 1912 from the future, 2010, and took up a job on the ship as an officer. He managed to alert the officers to the dangers of the iceberg and thus saved thousands of people from drowning and saves the entire ship, altering history dramatically and enabling the Titanic to sail from Southampton to New York unimpeded. However, this, coupled with Sam averting the Apocalypse, puts Atropos out of her job. Desperated to put things right, Atropos began to kill off the descendants of those on-board Titanic who survived. Things were only reverted when Balthazar was persuaded by Castiel to go back to 1912 and change history back to normal by sinking the Titanic.
Azazel took Meg to see Lucifer's Crypts some time before 1913.
The Great War began in 1914. War influenced the desire for militarism and conquest in Germany.


A young girl committed suicide when she discovered she had been abused by her studio chief in Hollywood. Her ghost would later return and haunt the studio.
Larry Ganem was born on March 23, 1926.


In 1932, Jacob Karns's spirit influenced a clergyman to commit murder.
On March 10, 1937, H.P. Lovecraft opened a portal to Purgatory. Several creatures escaped, one of which possessed his maid Eleanor and thereafter called herself Dr. Elle Visyak. Another of the creatures killed Lovecraft five days later.
World War II began in 1939. War influenced a resurgence in militarism and conquest in Germany.


Wesley Mondale's grandfather found the Tiamat Coin during the American involvement in the Battle of North Africa (1942-1943), and took it back to the United States as a souvenir.
The demon Alastair was present in German-occupied Poland in 1943.
During World War II, The Judah Initiative battled with the Thule necromancers sponsored by the Nazis. A Golem raised by the Rabbis from the Vitsyebsk Ghetto lays wasted to a Thule base in occupied Belarus in 1944. Commander Eckhart completed a ritual and escaped before the Golem could catch him.
Dean faced the God of Time who sent him almost sixty years back in the past from 2012. In 1944, Dean met Eliot Ness in Canton, Ohio, who briefly hired him as his colleague. Dean was briefly trapped in 1944 when Sam tried to find a way to pull him out and got revenge on Chronos.

Somewhere in the 1940s Kelly Duran (Brick Holmes) met Betsy (who would later pose as Eleanor Holmes), and began to write her letters.

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