The year is 1941.

Citizen Kane and Walt Disney’s Dumbo are playing in theaters as teenagers across the country begin discovering the wonders of fashion and drive-in diners. Ronald Reagan is just an actor who attended the 13th Academy Awards and President Franklin Roosevelt has begun his third term as President of the United States.

The war in Europe continues to dominate world affairs, and the Japanese have become an increasing threat from Asia in the Pacific. The sale of war bonds and other preparations for war continue. The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill has addressed the joint session of Congress asking for help in the form of arms.

In the shadows of the Nazi threat, further evil lurks in the form of the Thule Society, a group of necromancers with plans of world domination. They lead the Nazi party in a ruthless quest to research and acquire supernatural entities and items, from vampires to the Holy Grail.

Standing in their way are the Men of Letters, an elite, secret global organization of scholars who research the supernatural. The Men of Letters is cautious and calculated, fighting with intelligence rather than violence. They believe they are preceptors, beholders and chroniclers of all that man does not understand.

In the middle of it all are hunters – unaligned individuals who are involved with the world of the supernatural through an independent drive to police the threats of the night in the name of what they think is humanity’s best interests. They may be actively hunting, or they may be involved in other support activities such as research or weapons supply.

Surrounding this circle of supernatural intrigue are the creatures of the night, the monsters who howl at the moon and the practitioners of the occult, all serving their own goals, for better or worse.

It’s strange, then, that all of these things would find themselves converging on a tiny little backwater Tennessee town in the Appalachians…

Lost and Found is a MUSH based on the television series Supernatural and set in the 1940s against the backdrop of World War II.

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