Once again, the world finds itself at war.

Nazi Germany, along with Italy and Japan have formed the Axis powers against the Allies, and the United States has been drawn in by the vicious recent attack on Pearl Harbor. It is 1942, and now another, more hidden threat has emerged.

In the quiet of the mountains of Appalachia, a quaint town has become the center of clandestine attention from the supernatural world. A select few have learned there is a hole somewhere in Higsi, and things seem to be emerging from it that lack explanation. Even as the Men of Letters focus their studies on this anomaly, the hole has begun to garner the attention of nefarious monsters seeking power.

Will you join the Men of Letters in the investigation of this strange little town? Will you be a hunter, working to contain this unusual epicenter of supernatural occurrence? Are you one of the special creatures drawn to the power or are you a simple townsfolk, caught in the center of this secret war?

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