There are many families in the town of Higsi (Hisgy) most are everyday folks that go about their daily life with no inclination of the supernatural around them. Other families though have their thumbs on the heartbeat of the supernatural. There are a few families of well-known prominence in Higsi, however, who are more influential and historically relevant than most.

If you wish to play a character from one of these families, feel free. We would love to see our players bring these families to life. If apping into these families, please keep in mind the faction that each are in. A werewolf family is not going to allow a witch in the family, even by marriage, and vice versa. However, normal humans are playable in any of them, as long as the character is aware of the family's supernatural connections. It is also important to note that characters that are a member of these families should all be loyal to their family in some way.

Questions can be paged to the appropriate wizard organizing each of the families, if you'd like more information.

The Walker Family

Faction: Werewolf
Wizard: Nickajack
Patriarch: Clyde Walker

The Walkers are a clan of folks who live in the hills of Iron Mountain, hiding their secret that they are actually werewolves. They make their living selling moonshine.

The Butler Family

Faction: Witch
Wizard: Tellico
Patriarch: Eli Butler

The Butler family is one of the founding families of Higsi, and a coven of incredibly powerful witches.

The Cooper Family

Faction: Human
Wizard: Chickamauga
Patriarch: Mayer Cooper

The Cooper family is considered one of the founding families of Higsi, even though they actually arrived a short time after the town was settled. They are an influential family of humans.

The Styne Family

Faction: Frankenstein
Wizard: Chickamauga
Patriarch: Dr. Styne

The Styne's have only been in Higsby for approximately 15 years. Dr. Styne runs the Styne Medical Clinic in town. His wife his a prominent figure in the Ladies Auxiliary and is granddaughter Constance works as a nurse at the clinic.

The McComb Family

The McComb family is one of the three founding families of Higsi. After a mining accident several years ago, the family line appears to have been extinguished. Until recently there have been no direct descendants of the McComb family in Higsby, that seems to be changing.

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