Please note: There are always exceptions, but for the most part this is a list of how to not annoy your fellow players in a MUSH scene. Enjoy!

1. Ask before entering a scene. It's just polite. With that being said, if someone asks, unless you are in a private area, they should be able to join. If you are scening something backdated, go to a TP room, please.

2. Please don't start or join a scene if you know you only have a short period of time. If you do, inform your fellow players. They may prefer to not get involved, or they may be perfectly fine.

3. Unless the three-person-rule has been called, please try to stick to pose order. But if someone accidentally breaks the 3PR, don't be a jerk about it. This is just a game, we all make mistakes.

4. When you join a scene already in progress, consider sitting out a round to get a feel for the scene. If you come barreling in, saying something that doesn't make any sense to the ongoing scene because you were not aware of what was happening, that makes for an awkward situation that probably didn't need to happen.

5. Please don't be a grammar Nazi. English may not be someone's first language, or there may be other issues you don't know about. As long as you know what the person is trying to say, play nice.

6. Real Life comes first, we all agree on that. If something comes up, and you're able to do so, please pose out of scenes, even if you skip pose order. Just logging out leaves the other players hanging, unsure if you'll be back. Giving an OOC message that you have to go is fine, but if it happens every scene you're in, you might need to learn to manage your time better.

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