Here at Supernatural: Lost and Found we are using the FS3 character generation system. Most people who have been RPing on mu*s for a long time are probably familiar with it, but for those of you that aren't here is how it works.


This is the first room. Nothing really to do here. If you have alts this is where you will register them. Other than that it just tells you what to do if you have questions.


This is where you set the various details about your character.

+fullname <full name>
+age <age> (Minimum character age: 18)
@sex me=<male or female>
+faction <faction> (See +factions) Or: Factions
+org <organization> (see +orgs) Or: Organizations
+actor/set (If you have an actor in mind for your character.)

Some of the factions have families associated with them. By no means are you required to be a member of the family to be part of the faction though you are more than welcome to. Look at Families for more information.

Places to find faces:

Need help picking a name:

After all these are set you will head on to the next room, which is where all the action starts.


This room looks daunting, but don't be discouraged. It's not as hard as it looks.

You are given 55 points to spend on attributes and skills. There are four attributes, Body, Presence, Mind and Reaction. Pips are reflected by @ in the game. For attributes, 2 pips equals average. You can't spend more than 11 points on attributes
All attributes must be at least level 1.

Important: You must use +reset before doing anything else. This will add your default attributes and language.

Body - Physical fitness - Strength, Constitution and Agility
Mind - Mental fitness - Intelligence and Creativity
Presence - Personality - Charisma and Will
Reaction - Reflexes - Dexterity, Hand-Eye Coordination and Wits

Skills are broken up into two sections, action skills and background skills. You can't spend more than 25 points on action skills. Max Skill level to begin with is 5. You may not have more than two skills set above five without speaking to staff first.

Pip Levels:
1 - 3 = Novice
4 -6 = Professional
7 - 9 = Vet
10 - 12 = Master

Action Skills
Alchemy - A potent mixture of magic and chemistry. (Styne Family only)
Alertness - Noticing things and being aware of your surroundings.
Brawl - You know how to hold your own when things get punchy.
Clairvoyant - You have the ability to see more than what others see. (Psychics Only)
Danger Sense - You know when danger is lurking and you aren't easy to get the jump on. (Psychics Only)
Driving - You know how to drive some sort of car or motorcycle.
Empath - You can sense the emotional states of the people around you. (Psychics Only)
Firearms - Shooting pistols, rifles, personal guns and other ranged weapons.
First Aid -Basic first aid/paramedic medicine. Use Medicine for docs.
Magic - You have innate magical abilities.
Medicine - Doctor skills. Use First Aid for first aid.
Medium - You can see and communicate with spirits. (Psychics Only)
Melee - Knowing how to use hand-to-hand weapons in a fight.
Precognition - You get visions about the future. (Psychics Only)
Retrocognition - You get visions from the past, usually pertaining to the area you are in. (Psychics Only)
Search - You are good at finding things.
Stealth - Being sneaky.
Survival - You know how to live off the land and survive in tough conditions.

Background Skills
Background skills are freeform and customizable. If you have taken either magic or psychic as an action skill you must include what sphere or psychic ability your character has in background skills. Any skill checks for magic/psychic will be rolled against she action skill so you need only spend one point in whatever magic or psychic ability your character has.

Sample Background Skills
A science - astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, physics, etc.
A humanity - history, literature, psychology, philosophy, poetry, etc.
A profession or trade - cook, waitress, bartender, accountant, programmer, carpenter, brewer, blacksmith, etc.
A game - chess, roleplaying, poker, etc.
An art - sculpting, painting, sketching, photography, etc.
A form of expression - acting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, writing
A sport - baseball, football, gymnastics, etc.
A craft or hobby - gardening, basketweaving, knitting, etc.
An unusual interest - detective novels, game show hosts, etc.

These are little personality traits that sets your character apart from the rest. These are limited to your imagination. They can be phobias, weird habits, mannerisms, addictions, things that they hate with a passion or love a little to much. You must have at least 2 though 3-4 is preferred, five is the max. If you need help coming up with quirks, just ask staff or try a quick Google search on RPG quirks, you will find lots of helpful resources.

There are two Required quirks (One for humans, the wealth status) that all characters must have. One of these required quirks is a wealth status, the other is a faction quirk. Regular human town folk are required to have a resources Quirk.

Pick one wealth status: Poor, Comfortable, Well Off or Rich

Pick one Faction quirk from your faction list:


  • Remorseless
  • Phobia
  • Family Loyalty
  • Dark Secret


  • PTSD
  • Hatred*
  • Bitter
  • Guilt Ridden

*Pick a supernatural race that your character hates more than others


  • Migraines
  • Haunted
  • Need Foci
  • Known Psychic


  • Addiction
  • Family Loyalty
  • Haunted
  • Vengeful


  • Anger Issues
  • Pack Mentality
  • Moon Bound
  • Territorial

Sample Quirks:
Plague Survivor
Pack Rat
Addiction (specify to what)
Melancholic (or Optimistic, Pessimistic etc)
Over Protective
Dark Secret

For more samples: Quirks

Unless stated otherwise in your character background, it is assumed that English is a characters native tongue. Each skill costs 2 points and assumes you are at least conversant in the language.


This is where you set your characters background. We don't expect a novel but we would like to see several paragraphs about your characters life up until his/her IC intro and a bit about what makes the character tick.

That's all there is. Now get out there an app!

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