Taken Actors

Amber Heard - Alice Godley Andy Griffith - Everett Mayfield Andrew Garfield - Randy Preston
Anthony Hopkins - Dr. Marcus Styne Anthony Perkins - Norman Stoles Carole Landis - Elizabeth Higgins
Charlie Heaton - Clifton Walker Christian Kane - Adam Twofeathers Gene Kelly - Monty McComb
Gene Tierney - Constance Styne Grace Kelly - Lois McNabb Hedy Lamarr - Margaret Kasper
Ivi Pizzot - Carilena Azevedo Jeff Bridges - Frank Russell Jon Hamm - Eli Butler
Judy Garland - Virginia Williams Kitt Harrington - Clyde Walker Loretta Young - Lillie O'Cleary
Lynn Cohen - Bernice Higgins Milla Jovavich - Wolf Vivian Leigh - Emma Butler

*We are asking that no actors from the show be used.
And that we try to find photos that do not have glaring present day feels to them (No cell phones, modern cars)

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